The nature of self is defined entirely on how we are percieved — including how we percieve ourselves.

There's a balance between old myth and new myth and connections between them.

The melding of technology and nature

The legitimacy of many different realities and how we cross between them

Names: Characters who go by shortened nicknames are hiding parts of themselves, characters who go by their full names are living genuinely



Primary Growth:

The City

Curiosity > Exploration > Warmth

Follows arc 1, with an emphasis on curiosity and exploration


Pragmatism > Realization > Compassion

Parallel to The City in growth. Emotionally lazy by nature, the conflict was enacted by them and now they feel responsible and are pushed to action and to facing their fears. They are forced to hold power against their wills, which scares them both.


Fear > Responsibility > Power

Parallel to The City in growth, emotionally lazy, ruled by fear, afraid of responsibility and power. By solving Sudo's puzzle, she stumbles upon responsibility and is forced to grow to accommodate it.

Pushing Others Forward:

The Barista


Parallel to the Barista, seemingly naïve, but with great insight.

Lu & Ollie

Unwitting powers of driving change and entropy.

Offering Reflection:



The Rabbi