Literally the city, embodied and concentrated as a unique being. Its phsyical body is the city.

The City is autistic. Multifaceted, curious, full of too much to understand most of it, fully immersed in itself, not knowing outside perspectives or how to relate. Lonely despite being full, and without peers.

The City is old, and it is struggling with change.

It is rarely addressed in its form as a concentrated being, so when the Barista treats it like any other customer (despite their internal panic), The City is fascinated. It finds that each and every one of the people that make it up are just as complicated and multifaceted as it is — The city is old, and it is changing. With the barista's help, it makes that change a compassionate one, one made of connection and understanding. The City's journey is one to learn compassion and change beautifully.

It will become kinder and more personal than The Algorithm, gentler and more benevolent than Sudo, a student of Diennus, with the qualities of Alta.


Is seen when wants to be seen. Sometimes they tend to flicker about at their convenience, sometimes they move like a human moves. Their apparent body sometimes loses cohesion and fades out at the edges, and the Barista sees this sometimes and its really weird.

They appear as a dark silhouette that mimics human form. Has an approximations of hands and feet that come into finer detail when in use or observed—looks fuzzy in your peripheral vision.

Vaguely aware of but doesn't interact with other cities.