Status: outline

Takes place maybe 2/3 into their relationship story, sickeningly sweet, not sorry

The city invites the barista to come to a beautiful view in a park with them. They try to leave immediately but the barista is like

The barista is NERVOUS for some reason because The City has never offered to take the somewhere. 6pm hits, the City shows up again, and the barista walks with them through the city, noting how people don't really look at them and wondering what that's about

The City takes them to a lovely bridge over a park where the sun is setting, and they sit on the edge of a bridge to watch. The City's hand is resting on the balustrade and the barista glances down at it and wonders what it would feel like.

They tentatively slide their hand over, hesitate, and then put their palm on top of the City's hand. It isn't cold and ethereal as they feared, but warm and soft as they had hoped—just a tiny bit of hope that they barely let themself feel.

The City turns towards them, and rotates their hand around so they're palm to palm, and wraps their fingers loosely around the barista's.

The City, looking down at their hands: "this is a thing that humans do" The barista swallows and smiles nervously: "yes, when they like each other"