Status: outline

Ollie is interested by their interaction, finding themself to be better at talking than they thought and humans to be more interesting than they thought.

Ollie follows Lu home and watches her and sees her at her job at the park. She might notice being haunted, idk.

Ollie is inspired by the concept of digging and uses their inhaling technique to try and mimic it, queue holes. They want to try a physical shape because they are curious about the way humans operate.

One day on her shift, Lu finds a very strange roughly human shaped hole in the ground in one of the gardens. About six feet long, less than a food deep. Dirt matching the quantity missing from the hole is found in a pile an unreasonable distance away

She contacts her boss, boss says vandalism and calls the cops, who don't really do too much

Meanwhile (weeks) she keeps finding holes and has to fill them in again. Maybe 3 or 4, no pattern in WHEN they appear or anything, but always in the same area.

Lu decides to do a stakeout because she's tired of filling in these weird holes and is Very unnerved by it. She convinces her brother to stakeout with her.

Ollie is the one making the holes, surprise.

On the stakeout, they're walking around the area where the holes are appearing. Danny goes to take a piss and Lu SPOTS THEM. visual: a dark human shape form appears on the ground and then sits up, stands up, leaving a hole in the dirt, walks away.

Lu is not really understanding what she saw. She goes grabs Danny and tells him she found the perpetrator

The follow Ollie at a distance and suddenly the person just falls to the ground in a heap. They stand back and watch for a while, then approach, and find the pile of dirt. BAAAAHHH So finding out what caused it didn't really clear anything up.

So they keep staking out a few more times. Danny is a skeptic and think it's some elaborate prank. Lu doesn't know what to think but doesn't discount ghosts, but also doesn't let her nerves stop her. She has to keep filling in these holes and that's stupid and she's gonna put a stop to this.