The four base elements of the web are Connection, Efficiency, Chaos, and Order. Four elements, parallel to the four elements of the physical world. (Both words have the element of Spirit in common.) Connection is the force that holds the whole thing together, the unbreakable resilient base to the entire plane of reality that is the internet. Efficiency is the blood that runs through it, changes it and evolves it. Chaos and Control are the two combating forces that, through clashing, create growth and change.

Chaos and Order also have an atmospheric effect like high and low pressure do in earth's atmosphere as they seek an unatailable equailbrium. However, the internet doesn't have atmosphere… until now. Now storms are possible. Wind. Rain. A water cycle.

Going off the iceberg metaphor, the Dark Web is the deep, deep ocean. Chaos from the Dark Web evaporates into the atmosphere, rains down on Indexed Web, encourages weeds to grow, thrive.


Viral stuff — entities of great but brief power, like a fire

The mass of the collective

Open source

Corporate stuff — extremely unmagical


Pop-up ads


Magic Places

Old websites that haven't been updated since the 90s

The Dark Web

How does a city become warm? Maybe it falls in love