Status: outline

this is in a rough neighborhood, one day a young black kid who's being chased by she extra shitty boys ducks into the synagogue as an unlikely refuge, and presses herself against the back wall right next to Gershom, two outsiders seeking refuge for totally different reasons

He slips out before the service ends, as usual, and she follows him bc he looks like he could scare off literally anyone

she ends up following Gershom to his shop, hangs out for a while, claiming to make sure the coast is clear, and because she's really curious about the strange shop. She comes by again to thank him under the guise of buying something and also bc he's weird and she's curious. She's talkative and bold and asks, so he ends up giving her a job even though he doesn't need an employee, because he likes her.

she's very proud to be making some money like her mom, and gives her mom all of her pay — gershom pays her too much anyway. her mom was angry at first because she was worried that her daughter was doing some unsavory shit to be making so much. she explains how she met gershom and her mom is like

she meets him in a park at dusk ("he don't like going out during the day, he's got some kind of skin problem and doesn't like people looking at him")

he's really tall and broad, but she's a powerful 5' and can run in heels (but is wearing dope sneakers) and stands her ground.