Patron: Sudo

Extremely rare. A very advanced evolution of a Bug or Ghost that dislodges itself from any particular website and exists freely in AR as a distinct being with thoughts and feelings. They aren't AI because they come into existence on their own, and can pass CAPTCHAs. They can experience reality in the way that AR overlaps it, but can't directly affect things in the real world. They can, however, mess with stuff in AR or on the web, including getting up to mischief by "possessing" accounts and avatars, etc.

They are not human, nor made by humans. Motives are generally inscruitable to human onlookers.


Patron: Dieness

Over time, they can transform into


Patron: Sudo

Small creatures of entropy and chaos that arise by lack of intention. The longer its been since a website's code has been touched, the more weird Bugs can grow from it. Dust Bunnies are a lesser evolved category of Bugs.

Computer Weeds

Patron: Sudo

They begin to grow after the Flood begins and chaos rain begins to fall. Bugs munch on them and get bigger.



Patron: The Algorithm

A being of hypnotic control. It grows in power by the dedication and attention it recieves from its followers. A being that is born of but separate from the human who runs its social accounts. It is partially under the control of the human who created it but that human is also heavily under its control. It can be a force for good or harm, but always takes a heavy spiritual toll on its creator. A high-level being that is difficult to summon and nigh impossible to banish without a dramatic implosion.